A proven philosophy of sustainability

Since the late 19th century, our parent company Darling Ingredients has pioneered the development of transforming co-products into sustainable ingredients, processing around 10% of animal by-products worldwide. Through the repurposing of these animal-sourced bio nutrients into value-added ingredients, Darling Ingredients helps protecting the environment while answering the growing demands for food, feed and fuel.  

In September 2019, Darling Ingredients published its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factsheet that highlights its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to sustainability. This important milestone marks the beginning of regular disclosure of the most material and strategic CSR initiatives achieved across Darling Ingredients company.

Rousselot is a brand of Darling Ingredients, delivering sustainable gelatins and collagens, thus adding value to people’s life through innovative repurposing.

In a world of limited resources and population growth, with our innovation and high-end technology we, at Rousselot, transform high-quality by-products into sustainable, premium, health, food, (bio)medical and pharmaceutical ingredients.

A healthy, pure protein of natural origin?

The world’s total animal protein demand is expected to increase by 20% between 2020 and 2030. Meat will remain an important source for feeding the world. Highly valued by the majority of the world population, it delivers high-quality protein and offers a higher nutrient density per serving than vegetarian alternatives. Gelatins and collagens originate from the meat industry. By utilizing  meat by-products, we make full use of animals raised for human consumption – providing the market with healthy, pure proteins of natural origin. As both gelatin and collagen are classified as foodstuffs, not as food additives, they have no E-number and can be used for clean label formulations.

Our proteins are used in many health, food, pharma and (bio)medical applications worldwide

Responsible, local sourcing

The pig and fish skins, bovine bones and bovine hides that we source for our production are carefully selected to ensure that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. The raw materials come from registered slaughterhouses producing meat or fish intended for human consumption and inspected by veterinarians. We source our products locally in all our production regions.

Animal welfare

At Rousselot, we firmly support full implementation and strict enforcement of animal welfare legislation worldwide. We are an active member of GME, (Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe) a working group aimed at improving animal welfare standards based on the Five Freedoms of the World Organization for Animal Health. GME has developed a voluntary guidance document to help member companies verify which actions their suppliers have taken to ensure animal welfare.

Reducing our footprint

In terms of our environmental footprint, energy and water consumption are our focal points. Our production processes are constantly revised and optimized with a view to reducing our footprint. All new technologies are scrutinized for their sustainability performance, so that they will contribute to the best possible output with the lowest use of resources. We have successfully implemented water and energy reduction plans, surpassing our 10% reduction targets from 2012-2017, and setting an additional 10% reduction target for 2017-2022. 

From water recycling to heat recovery pumps

Many different measures have contributed to this reduction of water and energy consumption at Rousselot

  • All of the wastewater produced at our facilities is treated in major treatment plants using state-of-the-art physical and biological technologies 
  • Water recycling schemes have been implemented at all Rousselot plants
  • Some of our plants are co-fueled by sustainable energy sources, such as wood chips and biomass from sugar cane in Brazil, and sludge in China
  • Water reduction plans include strict water consumption monitoring, recovery of clean water and improved water flow control
  • Energy reduction plans include the use of LED lighting and the installation of heat recovery pumps to reduce thermal and electricity consumption

Positively impacting the planet and society

At Rousselot, we believe sustainability must include our societal as well as our ecological impact. With our product innovations, we strive to make healthier, tastier and more sustainable products available to the consumer. SiMoGel, for example, enables the production of sugar-free nutraceutical gummies, while our Rousselot health and nutrition product range offers consumers ‘a world of health benefits’. Together with our customers, we are constantly seeking to introduce more sustainable products.