We’re in touch with the world’s leading regulatory bodies

New and changing regulations have a major impact on the gelatin and collagen business. Our experts are constantly in contact with the main regulatory bodies throughout the world, either directly or through the various gelatin manufacturers’ associations, such as the  GMEGMIASAGMA and GMAP.  

Whatever happens in the regulatory world, we know it

At Rousselot, we closely follow the regulations in force in all of the markets we serve, and we issue regular, reliable updates on worldwide regulations. We are continuously scrutinizing all major regulatory developments – DGSANCO and EFSA in the European Union; USDA and FDA in the United States; and MHLW in Japan. 

We’ll help you to keep in step with changing regulations

We adjust to every change that takes place in order to ensure full compliance and maximum global availability of our products. We can help you to meet local product regulatory requirements by providing scientific evidence files for our products as well as insight into local regulatory guidelines. Final product registration and labeling remain the customer's responsibility.

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