Science, research & development

  • Rigorous science: the key to optimization, innovation and reliability 

In our aim to help you innovate and succeed in your market, we are constantly improving the performance of our ingredients. We seek to diversify our range of end products, reach new markets and unlock new opportunities in existing ones. And the secret behind our success in all of this is rigorous science.

  • Continuous product improvement

Product innovation is essential to our business: we do all we can to improve existing products and develop new gelatins, gelatin functionalities and other collagen-based solutions. 

  • Cutting-edge research into (bio)medical solutions

Our X-Pure gelatins and collagens, offering among the highest purity levels available on the market today, are rapidly gaining ground in (bio)medical applications. In this fast moving market, our scientists are at the forefront of research into the potential of gelatin and collagen and their benefits for the patients.

  • Next-generation products

An important part of our R&D is to develop the next generation of products and technologies and create solutions that will bring new advantages to you and to consumers – from optimized solutions for the confectionery market to new products offering science-backed health benefits.

  • Methodology innovation

Methodology innovation is an ongoing theme at Rousselot, as we harmonize analytical methods for the determination of gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen characteristics (e.g. molecular weight) and develop or optimize analytical methods specifically for gelatin matrices.


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