The difference is clear with Rousselot Functional Ingredients

At the Functional Ingredients corner, Rousselot will highlight its portfolio of standard and specialty gelatins to create superior products in taste, texture and look. Visitors are invited to attend live-demos on the Baker Perkins depositor, showcasing the production of SiMoGelTM gummies in a starch-free environment with 3D, silicon, or metal molds and blisters. SiMoGel? allows fast setting in less than 15 minutes and starchless depositing, thus helping manufacturers overcome the cross-contamination of actives in nutraceutical gummies during the traditional production process which uses starch molds. The live-demos will also highlight the range of nutraceutical opportunities SiMoGel? presents, from sugar-free vitamin gummies to gummies with Peptan? IIm for joint health.

Designed by nature and without E-numbers, Rousselot’s Functional Ingredients solutions are highly functional and allow the creation of nutritional products that appeal to consumers and answer to the most recent trends, such as fewer ingredients and clear labelling. To demonstrate gelatin’s versatility, Rousselot will display a range of applications with a shorter ingredient list. For example, a squeezable, functional water jelly enriched with vitamins and minerals for the hydration of elderly consumers, a matcha-flavored spread enriched in protein and a vanilla-flavored marshmallow spread.

A world of health benefits with Rousselot Health & Nutrition

Peptan? collagen peptides are widely known for their holistic health benefits and continue to gain momentum in the marketspace. Visitors will be able to discover the whole Rousselot Health & Nutrition’s portfolio of science-based, bioactive ingredient solutions, such as Peptan?, which supports healthy ageing, mobility and skin and hair beauty, and Peptan? IIm, a hydrolyzed collagen matrix specially designed to promote multiple joint health benefits at a low, daily dosage. Applications on display will include a matcha ginger lemon drink containing Peptan? F, and on-the-go, convenient solutions such as gummies and a sports gel with Peptan? IIm, ideally suited for active consumers. Finally, visitors will be able to taste a protein-enriched tomato soup and savory oat biscuits containing ProTake?.

Dr. Sara de Pelsmaeker, Product & Business Development Manager, will explore these themes and the potential of collagen peptides in a presentation entitled “Collagen peptides: a one-stop ingredient for a healthy and balanced life”, from 12 to 1pm at the Fi Conference Discovery Theatre, booth 7A25.  

For more information, meet the Rousselot team at booth 6F110 or visit