Innovation, a key to success and expansion

In a world of accelerating change, we believe an adaptable mindset and organization, along with a constant push for innovation, are essential to us in helping our customers move forward confidently. On today’s competitive markets, innovation is a key to expansion. At Rousselot, we consider bringing innovation closer to our customers a top priority.

High-level Research & Development by top scientists, Ghent, Belgium

In our R&D Center, our team conducts ongoing research into all type of gelatins and collagens to improve their functionalities & behaviors. We continuously carry out scientific studies to assess the efficacy of our collagen solutions, such as Peptan or Peptan IIm in the health market, or X-Pure for (bio)medical applications. Our scientists’ partnerships with renowned research centers and universities result in cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge.

Pilot Hall in Ghent, Belgium

Our Global Expertise Center and Pilot Hall in Ghent, Belgium, offer a state of the art environment with sophisticated equipment for our scientific and technical teams. Here, we develop new manufacturing processes for products identified by R&D, assess new technologies to improve manufacturing processes, investigate major process bottlenecks in our network, and manage process development and industrialization projects.

Application Laboratories worldwide

At our Application Laboratories, in Europe, South America and China, we work on new application developments with gelatin and collagen and help our customers to reach their formulation and innovation goals faster. 

We also develop new gelatin and collagen products bringing additional benefits in the applications of our customers.

Recent product launches resulting from the work at our laboratories include for example SiMoGel, a new solution for starchless depositing confectionery, and StabiCaps, a range of gelatins specifically tailored to prevent crosslinking in soft gels and thus to increase their stability.

Innovation Days and high-level research for all our target markets

Our Innovation Days regularly bring our customers together with bright scientists and innovators at our Expertise Center in Ghent, Belgium. They illustrate our role not just as a provider of high-quality, safe ingredients, but also as a trusted value adder in every phase of the innovation process.