Pure protein, full taste, natural origin

Today’s consumers see protein-enriched products as an essential part of an active lifestyle and diet. In response to this rapidly growing trend, food manufacturers are looking for ingredients which can help them to easily reach high protein levels in their products. ProTake, a pure protein, is an ideal solution. It will also help you overcome the technical challenges of formulating with proteins.

Innovating with ProTake

Many of our customers have worked with Rousselot Health & Nutrition to develop successful products using ProTake. For example, ProTake is the perfect ingredient for increasing protein content in protein bars, binding the different dry components and achieving a perfect, stable texture.

ProTake brings

Powerful functionalities

ProTake has dust-free powder behavior. This makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications, in which it can deliver its binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and fining properties. 

Lower fat content and calorie management

Removing fat from a formulation may negatively impact a product’s taste and texture. ProTake confers the same texture and mouthfeel as full-fat products, while it contains fewer calories (4kcal/g) than fat (9kcal/g).

Lower sugar content

ProTake can also significantly decrease sugar levels without compromising the texture of a product. At the same time, it serves as a bulking agent due to its water retention properties. This is a crucial benefit, as many consumers see sugar reduction as a vital step towards healthier eating habits.

Satiety effect

A pure protein, ProTake promotes satiety and can help in weight management programs.

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