Gelatin in technical applications

Gelatin’s multifunctional properties and unique characteristics make it one of the most versatile ingredients available today. Already well-known for its use in the food and pharma industry, gelatins are also used in a wide range of other applications. Its translucent, colorless, gelling, foaming, emulsifying, biodegradable, and binding functionalities are complemented by numerous characteristics that make it a preferred material for a wide range of technical applications. Our world-class, high-quality gelatins for technical applications are available in both type A and type B products.

Photographic applications

Gelatin is extensively used as a binder in photographic applications, such as photographic paper, and X-ray films. Photographic paper is a light-sensitive paper-based material, consisting of several gelatin layers containing light-sensitive silver-halide crystals necessary for the photo image. The gelatin is crucial in the formation and stabilization of the silver-halide crystal, and acts as coating matrix.  

(Micro) Encapsulation

Encapsulation technology originated with the pharmaceutical industry. In the process of encapsulation, a substance (either liquid or solid) is enclosed in a gelatin shell. The gelatin encapsulating agent serves as an efficient delivery transport vehicle, while the shell can improve the stability of the substance during the storage and release process. (Micro) encapsulation can be used in herbicide and pesticide products, for example, but also for paintball products. Gelatin is the preferred material for these uses, thanks to its unique gelling ability.

Electrochemical plating

Metal finishing chemicals are used in a wide range of applications, imparting properties such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and appearance. The use of gelatin as a binder regulates the metal deposition and, in this way, controls surface smoothness and brightness, thereby improving conductivity.

Endless possibilities

Gelatin is also used as an adhesive (gluing), as a binding agent in paints, for restoring stucco ceilings, as an agent for polystyrene polymerization, in enhanced oil recovery, as a binder in construction, as glue in the paper industry, and in many other applications.

The list of technical applications for gelatin is limitless, thanks to its multifunctional properties. Together with our customers, we work to explore the potential of this versatile ingredient in their applications.

At Rousselot Functional Ingredients, we are eager and equipped to help you capitalize on the use of gelatin in your technical applications.