Answering the many challenges in today’s pharma and medical markets

Today’s pharma and medical markets face many challenges. On the consumer side, there is population aging, growing health awareness and a rising demand for convenience and clear labelling. In manufacturing, there is a strong need for process and performance improvement, high machinability and cost-efficiency, and tracking and tracing of raw materials. The push for medical innovations requiring safe and high-purity biomaterials is yet another challenge.

The growing role of gelatin

Developing excipients that combine vital manufacturing functionalities with trustworthiness and safety for consumers can help answer these challenges. The gelatins provided by Rousselot Functional Ingredients – highly versatile ingredients of natural origin – are the perfect excipient for a growing range of nutra-, pharmaceutical and medical delivery forms, from hard capsules and soft gels to functional gummies, tablets and specialty pharma solutions.

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Benefit from our comprehensive, pharmaceutical grade gelatin portfolio

We understand your formulation needs and offer you an extensive portfolio of high quality gelatins. From both porcine and bovine origins, suitable for every region, religious requirement and cultural preference, 100% pharmaceutical grade and, if required, endotoxin-controlled.

Rousselot, your perfect global pharma and (bio)medical partner

Rousselot Functional Ingredients and Rousselot Biomedical are your perfect partners in facing the challenges of today’s pharma and (bio)medical industries. Our innovative drive ensures that with us you are always on the cutting edge of developments in gelatin and collagen research and application.