The proven solution for more stable soft gels

Because of its unique functional capabilities and excellent dissolution properties, gelatin is the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules. However, producing consistently stable soft gels can be challenging. Especially when working with specific fills, manufacturers may experience cross-linking issues that unfavorably affect soft gel stability. With StabiCaps?, you can overcome these stability issues.

Prevent crosslinking and increase stability

StabiCaps gelatins are tailored to prevent cross-linking in soft gels, therefor increasing their stability. It is the perfect solution for the most reactive fills. StabiCaps enables the production of capsules with reduced cross-linking, offering superior shell stability and API release compared to standard gelatins. With StabiCaps, you can be confident of having an optimal gelatin type for your soft gel product.

  • Reduced maturation time and shorter drying times mean improved production efficiency
  • Perfect protection of active ingredients
  • Optimal behavior in the presence of cross-linkers
  • Optimal shell stability and shelf-life
  • Optimal dissolution and API release

The result of in-depth expertise in soft gel gelatin

Here at Rousselot Functional Ingredients we have conducted extensive research in order to fully understand how and why cross-linking occurs. This has helped us identify the different parameters impacting the tendency of gelatin to cross-link. These parameters are linked to storage conditions, the presence of aldehydes or antioxidants (polyphenols) in APIs or nutraceutical fillings, as well as the use of complex fillings with multivitamins, multi-minerals, metallic ions, or combinations of these.

A protocol for predicting gelatin behavior

Our research has also helped us to develop a testing protocol for predicting the behavior of gelatin in the presence of cross-linkers. Already, the predictive test has proven to be a major step forward in our understanding of this field.

Perfect physicochemical characteristics

The StabiCaps portfolio comprises two main grades:

  • StabiCaps?
  • StabiCaps? Plus for enhanced solutions (contains salts)

Both qualities have been engineered to display the perfect physicochemical characteristics for limiting cross-linking. StabiCaps is made from raw materials of natural (bovine) origin.

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