A new solution for starchless depositing confectionery

Traditional confectionery production, especially when it comes to jelly, has always relied heavily on starch moguls. With Rousselot SiMoGel?, the traditional starch moguls are replaced by silicone or blisters. This new solution offers confectionery manufacturers exciting new benefits. SiMoGel has been successfully tested on Baker Perkins equipment. 

Benefits of SiMoGel

  • The absence of starch or recycled starch means the process is completely hygienic
  • No starch means no recycling
  • The flexible molds can be cleaned and are free of bacteria and other types of pollution
  • Starchless moguls are significantly cheaper than traditional starch moguls
  • A significantly optimized production process. Lower production costs
  • Lower energy consumption, less labor (cleaning)
  • Opportunities for innovating with 3D shapes, layered colors, stripes and fillings
  • A drying process that takes les than 15 minutes, instead of the usual 24 hours
  • End products with perfect transparency, superior appearance, rapid and perfect flavor release
  • No additives
  • Enables sugar-free or sugar-reduced gummy production

Functional gummies are on the rise

Functional gummies are a popular delivery form for the daily intake of vitamins and supplements. Both in the supplements market and the traditional gummies market, functional gummies show a high increase in product launches each year. Between 2018 and 2028, global gummy vitamins market is estimated to register a CAGR of 9.10% (Market Research Future, May 2019). To support this growth and at the same time eliminate limiting factors in traditional gummy production, Rousselot has developed SiMoGel for starch-free gummy production. 

Tap into this segment’s opportunities with SiMoGel

Our technical support team works closely with equipment providers and has extensive knowledge on formulation support. Are you interested in learning more about the opportunities SiMoGel can bring for your product portfolio? Contact us.

Please check with your sales representative whether these solutions are available in your country.

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