X-Pure range of purified gelatins and collagens

Rousselot Biomedical provides X-Pure range of pharmaceutical and medical gelatins and collagens to biopharmaceutical partners engaged in regenerative medicine, drug screening and development, as well as parenteral applications and hemostatics. Our products are manufactured through a patented, validated process, produced in a GMP facility and at the highest standards. With our customizable platform, our team of scientific experts helps our partners unlock the potential of their products and applications and solve development and commercialization challenges.

Customization, consistency, compliance

Our manufacturing process allows for the engineering of any type of pharmaceutical and medical gelatin with different purity ranges at any scale, facilitating customization to your needs. It also provides unparalleled consistency and purity – facilitating clinical- and commercial-grade translation into a non-pyrogenic system and excellent tolerance. Our X-pure range is Generally Recognized as Safe by the US FDA and compliant with the US, EU, Japanese Pharmacopeia, providing our customers and partners with the necessary documentation to facilitate the regulatory path to commercialize gelatin-based biomaterials.

X-Pure can help you in your developments

- Flexibility in patented production process and raw material selection

- Modification capabilities

- Quality, purity and consistency

- The most natural biomaterial

- Backed by Rousselot worldwide expertise