Global expertise, local teams

We are skilled in converting our global expertise into solutions that match specific local market requirements. Throughout our organization, we focus on working closely with our customers at every level with a comprehensive, highly developed range of services designed to help you find the best possible solution. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

You will benefit from global expertise and the support of dedicated local teams to secure the best solution for you

Trusted science

In many of today’s industries, scientific research is pointing the way to new solutions and opportunities. At Rousselot, we are firm believers in the importance of science as both a safeguard and a game changer. We invest substantially in our science, lab facilities and staff expertise as well as in partnerships with universities and research institutes. All of this helps us make sure that both our products and our processes are aligned with solid, up-to-date science – and that the innovative power we share is relevant and validated. 

Our growing presence on the (bio)medical and health and nutrition markets is a good example of the sustained research we engage in at Rousselot. The result of years of research by Rousselot experts with leading Universities and research centers, our X-Pure product range represents an exciting step forward in patient safety and research possibilities on the pharma and medical markets.

Application support

As a Rousselot customer, you enjoy access to a worldwide network of scientific and technical experts through our Application Laboratories, in Europe, South America and China. We are committed to facilitating the development of your concepts, and help you harness the full potential of our products in your applications.

Technical support

With continuous training in all kinds of collagen applications, our experts are equipped to give you all the assistance you need. From new product development to product performance improvement, from trouble shooting to staff training, we will help you make the most of our products and your opportunities.

Regulatory assistance

Compliance, regulatory understanding and foresight are essential to our operations. We can provide you with all the regulatory guidance you need to comply with the most complex local or global contexts.