Founded in 1891

Rousselot was founded in France in 1891 by Edouard Rousselot. From our beginnings as a family-owned business, our commitment to high-quality, safe products, enabled us to develop an understanding of gelatin and related ingredients – both operationally and technologically – that is unparalleled throughout the world. Today, our company offers the widest range of gelatins and collagens available.

In 2002, Rousselot became a part of VION Ingredients, a worldwide leader in the development and production of specialty ingredients of animal origins. Six years later, we strengthened our global position by acquiring Peptan, now the world’s leading collagen peptide brand. In 2014, Rousselot became a part of Darling Ingredients.

In 2018, we expanded our portfolio and entered the market for (bio)medical applications with a new range of high-purity gelatins and collagens called X-Pure?. The X-Pure brand builds on our continuous investments in science, research and development. Its low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens are the perfect solution for applications requiring intensely purified biomaterials, such as hemostatic products, parenteral formulations (including vaccines) and regenerative medicine.

A part of Darling Ingredients

In 2014, we became a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s largest producer of sustainable ingredients from edible & inedible organic residuals and a respected global leader in repurposing. The roots of Darling Ingredients go back to 1882 and the founding of rendering company Ira C. Darling & Company in Chicago, Illinois, which over the years was to evolve into today’s Darling Ingredients. 

A global leader and innovator

With a legacy of over a century, Darling Ingredients has emerged as a global leader and innovator in the field of sustainable organic ingredients, providing quality products and services to processing industries around the world. Its critical and environmentally safe solutions for the removal and sustainable use of agricultural, industrial and food by-products help protect the food and feed chains, keep people and animals safe, and benefit people, businesses and the environment.

Darling Ingredients’ 100-year journey of innovation

Building an international presence


Foundation of Rousselot

Rousselot founded in France by Edouard Rousselot (family-owned company)


Angoulême, France


Isle-sur-la Sorgue, France


Ghent, Belgium


Part of Elf Sanofi

Rousselot becomes part of Elf Sanofi


Dubuque, Iowa, USA


Girona, Spain


Rousselot becomes part of SKW


Kaiping, China


VION acquires Rousselot business from SKW


Wenzhou, China


Da’an, China


Amparo and Presidente Epitacio


Peptan brand and business


Peabody, USA


January: Darling International acquires VION Ingredients, including Rousselot

- May: Darling International Inc. changes its name to Darling Ingredients Inc.


X-Pure brand and business