A wide range of collagen-based solutions and brands

Rousselot collagen-based solutions and brands - whether gelatins, hydrolyzed gelatin, collagen proteins or collagen peptides - find many applications across different markets. As the world’s leading collagen solutions producer, we serve all of these markets in every corner of the planet, delivering trustworthy products, innovative power, and in-depth technical and formulation expertise. 

Rousselot Health & Nutrition: "A world of health benefits"

Best-in-class products backed by science, with extensive formulation & regulatory support:

  • Peptan?: collagen peptides for healthy aging, joint & bone health, beauty, and sports nutrition and the leading collagen brand worldwide
  • Peptan? IIm: hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, offering multiple health benefits to joints
  • ProTake?: clean label protein enrichment ingredient for food & beverages, and dietary supplements

Rousselot Biomedical: "Advancing medical science"

X-Pure?: Ultra-pure gelatins and collagens for (bio)medical applications

Functional Ingredients: "The difference is clear"

World-class gelatins for food, pharma and technical applications, safe and sustainably sourced

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